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    tabPanel backing bean

    Thomas Barry Newbie

      Are there any examples available that demonstrate using a tabPanel with a backing bean or a seam component? I'm having trouble getting a tabPanel to work with a backing component in a seam application. If I have a simple tab panel view like this:

      <h:form id="test">
      <rich:tabPanel id="tabs" switchType="server" binding="#{tabManager.profileTabPanel}" value="#{tabManager.currentTab}">
       <rich:tab id="first" label="First">
       <rich:tab id="second" label="Second">

      And a seam component like this:

      public class TabManagerBean implements TabManager {
       private HtmlTabPanel profileTabPanel;
       private String currentTab;
       public HtmlTabPanel getProfileTabPanel() {
       return profileTabPanel;
       public void setProfileTabPanel(HtmlTabPanel profileTabPanel) {
       this.profileTabPanel = profileTabPanel;
       public String getCurrentTab() {
       return currentTab;
       public void setCurrentTab(String tabName) {
       this.currentTab = tabName;
       @Remove @Destroy
       public void destroy() {}

      I get an IllegalArgumentException (argument type mismatch) on the profileTabPanel property when the page is rendered. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid here, but haven't yet figured out what.