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    how to mount my application using mod_jk witj JBOSS

    kaymen Ji Newbie

      HI all,

      I installed Apache+mod_jk+JBOSS. I followed the guide in JBOSS wiki http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingMod_jk1.2WithJBoss and example works fine with jmx-console and web-console. I could access jmx-console by keying URL: http://localhost/jmx-console

      And now I have a J2ee ear file(my application) deployed in JBOSS4.0.3SP. I want to mount this application to mod_jk. Let mod_jk to forward the request to JBOSS like what tutorial did on jmx-console. However, I couldn't mount my application successfully. It always complained not found.

      I am wondering if JBOSS working with mod_jk allow mounting .EAR file? As far as I can see that it could only mount jmx-console.war and web-console.war. I have wrap my own WAR file inside EAR file. How could I mount EAR file? Because I want my application requests go through Apache+mod_jk, then route to jboss. How could I achive that?