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    Hessian Connector in catallina container (JBoss 4.0.5 -- No

    thorsten maus Newbie

      hi there ...

      facing a problem i cannot solve myself ..

      I want to add a hessian service to my war as described at http://www.caucho.com/resin-3.0/protocols/tutorial/hessian-ioc/index.xtp for resign.

      This is the key excerpt from the site:

      <servlet url-pattern="/hessian/greeting"



      The incoming request is directly forwarded to my stateless session bean.

      Resign provides a servlet --> init tag which allows to add a jndi reference.
      I was not able to find something similar for JBoss.

      Due to some company restrictions I will not be able to use the JBoss remoting framework.

      Any suggestions ???

      thanks in advance