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    JBoss 4.0.5 GA and JSF 1.2

    Viggo Navarsete Expert


      is it possible to run JBoss 4.0.5 GA with a JSF 1.2 implementation? According to this page, http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossWithIntegratedMyFaces, only a JSF 1.1 implementation is bundled with JBoss 4.0.5 GA. I'm not able to upgrade (due to my environment) to a newer version of JBoss, but I would like to use a JSF 1.2 implementation due to the many improvements (read http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2EE/jsf_12/).
      Can I bundle with my own MyFaces or RI implementation of JSF 1.2?

      Many many thanks in advance :)