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    Problem with configuration of JBOSS 4.0.5

    isa Agu Newbie

      I'm new in "Jboss world"!

      I am having problems with the JBOSS 4.0.5 configuration. I am following the "getting started manual":

      And i don't how i'm going to this step of the configuration, because i have a different version:

      "3- in directory ${jbpm.home} run 'ant configure.jboss.3.2.3+'. (the same task works for jboss-3.2.5) That creates a jbpm configuration ${jboss.home}/server/jbpm which is basically a copy of the 'all' configuration. The only difference is that 2 files are added to the deploy directory : jbpm-db-service.xml and jbpm-ds.xml"

      Can someone help me? And tell me, how i do this step for joss 4.0.5?How i now the version?

      Or is there another way, to do this??