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    IP number change prevents JBoss from running correctly

    David West Newbie

      We are in the process of moving a number of machines into a new DMZ. This change requires us to change the IP number of the machines in question to allow the correct broadcast/propagation.

      Last weekend, I attempted to do this with the production server that houses JBoss. When I changed the IP number, and changed the cables out, JBoss would not run on the machine any longer.

      After clearing the work and temp directories, and trying multiple times, our users were getting ancy, so I plugged in the old cable and put in the old IP...and JBoss came up fine.

      Any suggestions as to why JBoss would be doing this? We're running 4.04GA on a single deployment. The server itself is running Fedora Core 5 (upgrade to 7 will take place after the server move). We only have about 7 apps running on the server at this time, though we have major ones in development.


      David West
      Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission