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    Deployment dependencies and classloading order question on J

    Andy Goldstein Newbie

      I am working on a project where we have several ejb-jars all deployed independently (i.e. no ears, just jars). Some of the ejb-jars depend on EJBs defined in some of the other ejb-jars. In addition, they depend on the classes defined in these other jars as well (e.g. for the business interface the EJB implements, etc).

      Is it possible in JBoss 4.x to specify both deployment order and classloading dependencies? Currently I receive a NoClassDefFoundError when (I'm guessing) it tries to create the EJB proxy for the dependent EJB. But, because the interface is in the other EJB's jar, and that jar hasn't been loaded yet, it doesn't know about the interface. My current workaround is to creatively rename my jars, prefixing them with "a" or "z" to get them to deploy at the beginning or at the end. Is there a better way to do this?