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    Use JAR file within EAR

    Martin Trummer Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.7 (but I can upgrade to a new version if required) and I want to deploy an EAR with a WAR and a SAR file.
      1) I want the EAR not to share its UCL with other EAR's (is this only possible with JBoss 4x and the ear-deployer.xml ==> Isolated flag)
      2) I want to put some common utility JARs into the EAR which can be accesed by both the SAR and the WAR. I was not able to do this, because the WAR did not find those classes in "external" jars which remain inside the EAR in a lib directory.
      3) I want to configure a valve for this specific WAR, but the valve implementation should remain inside a jar in the the WARs WEB-INF/lib or the EAR. Is this possible?

      I tried a lot to achieve those requirements but yet I could not get my application working...