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    Packagin complex Application.ear

    twolf Newbie

      Hi there,

      Hope i am right here. So, my problem is to package a "complex" application together.
      At the moment we have got two archives, one jar file containing EJBs and one war file containing servlets and other site stuff (jsp, static html, css and so on). Both of them use the same util-archives, both got them seperatly in their context. There are no problems until a servlet overgives an object (class definition from the util-archive) to an ejb which was loaded with two different classloaders - an classloader exception is thrown. I decided to put my two archives, the ejb.jar and our web.war to one app.ear - but i really do not understand to handle that correctly.

      Here is what i have build:

       +- MANIFEST.MF
       +- application.xml
      +-conf/ (Empty cause i dont know what to do)
       +-MANIFEST.MF [Class-Path: lib/...]
       (Dont know how to acces to the lib/ folder above)

      The nutch-0.9.jar,hadoop.jar also needs some (mostly) xml based configuration files, they must be in the classpath too. Servlets and some JSP Files need to access to the files in the lib dir. Both, a servlet and a session-bean need to exchange objects defined in the lib dir.

      So, can anybody help me?

      Greeting from Germany