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    Lookup Timeout

    Florin Matei Newbie


      I have the following problem and I hope that someone has a solution for it.
      We are using a JBoss 3.2.7 application sever on a Windows Server 2003 and the client is installed on a Linux machine.
      The client successfully makes a EJB Home lookup and then, just before calling a method of the EJB remote interface the Network is down, e.g. network cable is unplugged.
      In this particular case, the client is hanging for approximately 5 minutes before it's informed (by a timeout) that the server is not available.
      I've made a test by just stopping the JBoss server, keeping the network cable plunged and for the same scenario the client receives an timeout after approximately 30 seconds.
      So, this long timeout response is happening only in case the network is totally down.

      Do you have an idea how the timeout interval can be set to a shorter value, e.g. 60sec.? Or maybe you have an workaround that could help in this particular case.

      Many Thanks,