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    How to set substitution values?

    Giampaolo Tomassoni Newbie

      I have a question which is probably a "newby" one.

      When I develop some EAR, I'm used to assign some of the properties and attributes through substitution macros (in example: ${it.site.root} in the <context-root> of a module in the application.xml).

      This lets me change some values depending whether I am deploying it on a staging or on a production server, in example.

      I'm used to define the values of these macros among the runtime options I specify to start jboss. Unfortunately, this seems suboptimal to me, because:

      - I need to modify the jboss startup script to do this;
      - I need to restart JBoss in order to change these macros;
      - I can't simply deploy the same app with two different names to have two different instances.

      Is there any better way to do this? I tried to discover a way by meself, browsing the docs, but I don't think I found anything of useful.