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    What is the CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS, and why is my app unable to

    birwin Newbie

      I am getting this error when I try to deploy the simplest of applications in my JBoss application server 4.2.0-GA and 4.2.1-GA (basic web.xml with a JSP).

      Error configuring application listener of class |CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS|
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: |CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS|

      Any ideas what a CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS is? I am supposed to replace this parameter with the real class in some configuration file?

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          birwin Newbie

          Looks like there was an error in my jsf_core.tld. The entry <listener-class>|CONFIG_LISTEN_CLASS|</listener-class>
          should have been <listener-class>com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener</listener-class>

          This appears to have fixed my problem. I am wondering why, when I replaced my WAR file with one that did not have this tld file, that I was still getting this error? I removed all files in the tmp directory. I thought this would have removed anything in cache.

          Anyone have any ideas why this is so?