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    hot deployment issue with Axis

    jimmy mani Newbie

      i am getting some exception if I run my axis client from Jboss after hot deplyment.

      service = new Service(WsdlUtil.retrieveWsdlInputStream(wsdlUrl),
      WsdlUtil.getServiceQName( wsdl ));

      2007-08-28 04:15:10,655 INFO [org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader] Illegal access: this web application instance has been stopped already. Could not load META-INF/services/org.apache.axis.EngineConfigurationFactory. The eventual following stack trace is caused by an error thrown for debugging purposes as well as to attempt to terminate the thread which caused the illegal access, and has no functional impact.
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,657 INFO [STDOUT] [WARN ] DiscoverResources - -getNextResources: Ignoring Exception <java.io.IOException: Invalid use of destroyed classloader, UCL destroyed at:>
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,658 ERROR [STDERR] java.io.IOException: Invalid use of destroyed classloader, UCL destroyed at:
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,661 ERROR [STDERR] at org.jboss.mx.loading.RepositoryClassLoader.findResources(RepositoryClassLoader.java:585)
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,661 ERROR [STDERR] at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResources(ClassLoader.java:1015)
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,662 ERROR [STDERR] at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResources(ClassLoader.java:1011)
      2007-08-28 04:15:10,663 ERROR [STDERR] at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResources(ClassLoader.java:1011)

      am i missing some configuraion in Jboss.
      i am using ejb3 and Jboss-4.0.5GA

      please help me in solving this issue