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    Where does Standard out go?

    Kevin Hanrahan Newbie

      When I do a thread dump within JBoss 4.0.5, using control break, I see the thread dump on the console, however it is not logged to the server.log file.

      How can I redirect standard out so that thread dumps are captured in the server.log?

      I understand that I can edit the start script and redirect standard out using the > server.log approach, however this leads to duplicate logs entries which I would like to avoid.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          A thread dump is handled by the JVM which always sends it to stdout (or was it stderr?). There is no way to redirect it to a file using any log4j settings. I do not recall if there is a command line argument that governs this.

          You could always redirect stdout and stderr to console.log, that way you will not get duplicates in server.log.