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    Ant configuration

    Tom Burns Newbie

      Hi All

      The RH Developer Studio seems to be doing odd things with my ant config. Ant only works for building the seam examples when I set ant home to C:\rhdevstudio\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.7.0.v200706080842.

      Without that setting (with ANT_HOME set to a standard ant deployment) ant does not copy the ear files to the default directory even though it says it does.

      Even with that setting I get

      "C:\rhdevstudio\jboss-eap\seam\seam-gen\build.xml:367: Use a resource collection to copy directories."

      when attempting to use seam-gen setup.

      I'm running rhdevstudio on win xp pro SP2

      Any ideas why I'm getting the above message from seam-gen "ant setup"?

      Thanks for any help!