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    JBoss 5.0.0beta2 hot deploy

    Michael Remijan Newbie

      hot deploy in JBoss 5.0.0beta2 seems to work only once. If I try to copy over an existing war or ear I get that standard windows error message about another process having hold of that file so it cannot be overwritten. I have to restart the app server every time I need to redeploy. Annoying! Anyone have any solutions?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Considering that hot deployment did not even work in beta1, beta2 is an improvement. The deployers have been moved form JMX-based to microcontainer-based, hence some of the growing pains. Therefore your choices are:

          1) wait for beta3 and hope is works better (should be out end of this month, beginning of next moth)
          2) put up with restarting the server to redeploy apps in beta2
          3) go back to a production release such as 4.2.1