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    setup jboss as server on LAN

    K J Newbie

      I have the following configuration runningsuccessfully on my PC.

      JBoss Server :
      JBoss [Zion] 4.0.5.GA (with ejb3.0 profile)

      JBoss Seam 1.2.1
      JBoss Portal 2.6.1

      My problem is that eclipse and jboss (together or even jboss alone) eat up a lot of memory and working with it becomes too difficult. (with 512MB RAM)

      Is it possible that I could setup JBoss on another machine on my LAN and access the server(site) from my machine. (Just like we deploy apps to remote server)

      i.e I will setup the server and site on a single machine and can develop/access the site from another machine after deploying to server.
      I hope I don't sound too vague. . . :)

      Thanks in advance.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Yes, you can do this. I do it quite often.

          When you deploy an application, first copy (or ftp) it to a temporary directory on the JBoss host system, and then move the application to the deploy directory. If you try to ftp or copy to the deploy directory directly, the hot deployer might attempt to deploy the application before the copy is complete, resulting in zip file errors.

          I do not know how, or if, you can hook up JBoss AS with Eclipse in this scenario. What I usually do is have my Ant or Maven script do the deploy, and I manually start and stop the app server. Also, I do not know if you can debug apps via Eclipse in this scenario.

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            K J Newbie

            Thanks Peter,

            But can I just access the site url on my lan
            Eg. locally I access it as (localhost):8080/portal
            Can I just say (machine name):8080/portal

            Do I need to open any ports(in XP firewall ) or it will work out of the box with the default install of JBoss on the host machine.

            About eclipse I guess I will have to check out .

            Thanks again.


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              Peter Johnson Master

              As long as you can ping the remote host, you can use that name in the url. (Note that JBoss AS 4.2.1 binds to localhost, not to as 4.0.5 does. If you move to 4.2.1, read the readme.html, Configuration Issues.)

              You will need to open the ports in the firewall. I opened ports 8080, 1099, 1098, 4444 and 4445 (that was on Linux, on XP I told either ZoneAlarm or Symantec to allow the java app to run as a server, I never use the Windows firewall).