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    Configure Jboss to hot deploy when class files are changed

    Armin Keyvanloo Newbie

      I have my WAR unzipped into my deploy directory (for example '/jboss/local/server/deploy/myapp.war' - myapp.war is a directory where all the contents of the war file are unzipped into).

      When I copy the newly compiled class files into the web-inf/classes folder, jboss (4.2.0.GA) doesn't hot deploy the changed classes (to pick up the changes I need to restart the server).

      I remember in my previous project we had the exact same set up in terms of deploying the unzipped WAR file, etc, and it picked up the changes in the class files without restarting the server. But unfortunately I don't have access to the person who set it up.

      Any help is much appreciated.