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    JBOSS prompting for XDB Username password.

    pratik229 Newbie

      I installed JBOSS 4 then I did a run.bat everything was loading fine until I tried to run the JMX-Console on port 8080. It prompts me for a XDB Username and Password??? Is there a configuration file that I must setup to allow access into the console? After that I have been unable to use the server. What is the default username password?


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          Weston M. Price Master

          This is because Oracle 9i (from what I remember) installs XDB on 8080. There is simply a conflict between the two. You will either have to change the Tomcat port from 8080, or uninstall XDB.

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            Steven Towler Newbie

            The other option is to move the XDB port if no one is already using it. Below are some instructions from some documentation I have lying around:

            1. Logon to the database as SYS
            2. Using SQL*Plus change the HTTP port from 8080 to 8081 using the command:
            SQL> call dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML(dbms_xdb.cfg_get(),
            3. Using SQL*Plus change the FTP port from 2100 to 2111 using the commands:
            SQL> call dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML(dbms_xdb.cfg_get(),
            SQL> commit;
            SQL> exec dbms_xdb.cfg_refresh;
            4. Using SQL*Plus verifying the changes have taken effect using the commands:
            SQL> set long 100000
            SQL> set pagesize 1000
            SQL> select dbms_xdb.cfg_get from dual;
            5. After the port numbers have changed install JBoss using the default
            configuration with port number 8080.
            6. Perform tests to ensure that JBoss is working properly.