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    rich:suggestionBox and validating within rich:modalPanel

    Arthur Hupka Newbie


      my first post here :)

      I've got a use case where it would be great to have a form with rich:suggestionBox within a modalPanel.

      I've found several issues doing this.

      First of all there seems to be a bug with suggestionBox inside modalPanel.
      The suggestion box doesn't appear next to the input field inside the modalPanel but anywhere in the darkened background. (IE7 and Firefox 2.0.3) Can anyone approve that?

      How could i solve the problem with validating Data? If I use a normal h:commandButton the modalPanel disappears no matter if the data is valid or not. Thats clear, because of the full page refresh.
      Would a full ajaxified form with a4j:commandButton solve this problem?

      Thanks for your help and advices.