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    Where to put jira.xml file under JBoss 4.2.0GA directory str

    Michael Clagett Newbie

      Hi --

      I may have found the answer to the problem I'm having setting up a redirect from IIS to Tomcat with my Jira WAR install on JBoss. I didn't realize ther was a jira.xml that I had to edit. JBoss 4.2.0GA contains Tomcat 6.0, so I'm assuming I need to use the .war file that gets generated into Jira's dist-tomcat/tomcat-6 directory. There is also a jira.xml file that gets put into this directory, which I need to edit and place somewhere in the JBoss directory structure -- somewhere under server/default/deploy, I presume. I'm not sure exactly where this goes and would appreciate any help someone more experienced can give me.

      Thank you very much.