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    Cannot be cast to org.richfaces.component.TreeNode

    Evgeny Morozov Newbie

      Hi, all!
      I use SEAM and RichFaces (3.0.1 snapshot with SEAM 1.2.0.GA)

      So I have class Library (as in RichFaces example):

      //some other imports...
      import org.richfaces.component.TreeNode;
      public class Library implements TreeNode
       //There is all the same like in example

      So, when I start my sample I get ClassCastException:
      samplex.Library_$$_javassist_1 cannot be cast to org.richfaces.component.TreeNode

      In debug mode I can see, that Eclipse trying to cast my Library to javax.swing.tree.TreeNode.
      I can't understand why it trying to cast to javax.swing.tree.TreeNode.
      May be I just didn't do something.

      But this example worked. Yesterday I have install jdk6.0 and GA JBoss (was BETA3).