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    Scheduler calling several instances of same class

    Carlos Oliva Novice

      Can I scope the classes of a SAR deployment so that the JBoss Scheduler can distinguish between the Schedulable classes of two SAR deployments? I wrote a class that implements the Schedulable interface and that calls a custom class (in the same way that example 10 describes). I packaged the custom class in a jar file and deployed it inside the SAR that includes the Schedulable class. I configured the mbean tag of the jboss-service.xml to use the JBoss Scheduler and let the Scheduler to call the Schedulable class.

      I created two copies of the SAR deployment, name them differently, and deployed them to the default configuration. The only difference between the deployments is a custom ini file that the custom classes read to connect to a different database. I can see that the two SAR delployments install in JBoss but only the first service seems to run properly. The service that installs last seems to fail to run some of the custom classes.