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    What's the release notes for 4.2.1.GA?

    Michael Dinsmore Newbie

      If I click on the link for the release notes for 4.2.1.GA from the downloads page (http://labs.jboss.com/jbossas/downloads/) all I get is a 404 error...

      Does this mean there are no release notes for this version, or there's just a web site issue?


      p.s. If someone could tell me when the final JBoss 5.0 is coming out, that'd be great -- even if its a ballpark date. I see a "stay tuned" from this July:


      I also see a "Enter The JBoss Matrix" blog posting saying "will culminate with the release of JBoss 5 sometime in 2006":


      Other than that I can't find anything -- not even a JBoss 5 Bata 3 release date (I looked at their Jira).