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    How to shutdown one JBoss instance when there are two JBoss

    Thomas N/A Newbie

      There are two JBoss installed on the same machine. For example,

      Both JBoss service using the same IP address but different port. For example,
      instance1 using with port 1234
      instance2 using with port 1235

      When I using shutdown one of the JBoss service, sometime it shutdown the another instance.

      The script to shutdown the jboss is follows
      instance1 :: /instance1/jboss/bin/shutdown.sh -s -S
      instance2 :: /instance2/jboss/bin/shutdown.sh -s -S

      How to shutdown the selected JBoss without affecting the other?
      Is it any way to specified the port so that I can only shutdown the specified JBoss instance?