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    bind  ( two ip addresses)

    Kostadin Mitev Newbie

      I am running Jboss and I need to be able to access it on my local network and over a VPN.
      Here is my setup:
      local network
      The VPN (OpenVPN) although uses virtual tunnels and so I fall into a different network when I connect over the vpn.
      The network becomes

      So if I bind Jboss to the ip 192.168.2.x then I am able to access it from the machines in the local network but not from home.
      I bound Jboss to my server's hostname (server-01) but I still cannot connect from the vpn client at home.
      I have added the following in my /etc/hosts file on the server where jboss runs: server-01 server-01 is my servers ip in the local network is my server's ip when I connect from home over a vpn.

      I have also added to the hosts file at home (my vpn client) the following: server-01

      In searching a solution I setup jboss through an apche proxy. I was able to see jboss this way but I was not able to run my application.

      Any hints on this issue will be appreciated