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    [JBoss 4.2.1-GA] Different deploying of an EAR on different

    Francesco Valle Newbie

      Hi, some days ago I was reporting an incongruence during deploy, searching better I found the cause.

      Well, 2 JBoss 4.2.1-GA instances running on different OS platforms seem to explode an EAR differently. On Windows Vista the EAR explodes its datasource "jboss-ds.xml" correctly into the server/mydomain/deploy, while on my linux box running Debian Sarge (logged as root user) JBoss can not explode the datasource into the server/mydomain/deploy. Hoping it could be useful for other reporting the same problem.

      P.S. anyway now I will try to make two clean environments for tracing the complete startup log on Windows Vista vs Linux Debian and find the exact point in which JBoss on Windows Vista install the datasource.