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    Custom DynamicMBean - Depends on Classes in EAR - How to Dep

    John Reynolds Newbie

      We have a custom DynamicMBean whose class files and dependent classes are located inside our EAR. Is there a way we can configure JBoss to deploy this on startup? (migrating over from Weblogic where this was done by using their proprietary ApplicationLifecycleListener to receive notification on the ear deployment and then performed a lookup and register to the MBean server)

      When we attempt to define this in the default/conf/jboss-service.xml, we receive a ClassNotFoundException on the MBean class, even when using a tag on the ear-specific EJB Deployment mbean.

      I'm just having trouble sifting through all the documentation to make any sense of the best way to implement this pattern, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

      I've seen suggestions to package as a SAR inside the EAR and just want to know what the best approach might be.

      Thanks, much!