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    Hot Deployment Exception: Invalid Package structure.

    Arun K Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am getting deployment exceptions while hotdeploying the application.
      Please see the cases mentioned below:
      case 1:
      I have 2 ear (say A and B) that are using the same classloader defined in jboss-app.xml. The application B is accessing some classes defined in application A. The Deployment of Application A and B works fine

      When i tried the Hot Deployment of Application B, I got the the following deployment exception
      " javax.ejb.EjbException Invalid Invocation,Check your deployment package".

      Application B package structure is like as shown below:

      -- META-INF
      -- jboss-app.xml
      -- trial.war
      -- jar files
      --jar files.

      case 2:
      i also tried with giving different classloader name for application A and B.
      Then i need to copy some dependant jars in A to B to solve the ClassNotFoundError. But atlast on deployment ended with Exception

      "Javax.management.instanceAlreadyExistsException" ie the corresponding class file registration is already done and therefore further registration cant be done.

      Can anyone suggest the solution to the problem of hot Deployment....

      Thanks in advance


      Jinto Thomas