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    away from console setup for jmx-console?

    John Spatz Newbie

      Can JBoss be rigged to work from your workstation instead of going to a cold computer room (down the hall in my case) and using the console?

      I can't find stuff using Google that shows how to configure your RedHat/JBoss server so I can run jmx-console from my desk's workstation webrowser instead of at the console where the server is located.

      Can anyone help me? I've tried lots of stuff...:

      1) changing hosts.allow in /etc/ directory.

      2) ./run.sh -b xxx.xx.xx.xx (x = my workstation IP address)

      3) Changed the /etc/hosts and /etc/sysconfig/network files

      4) I went to the console and changed some displayed IP settings to match
      my workstation IP address on the jmx-console html screen but there were too many choices so I quit doing that.

      5) Used the jems-installer program (hoping it would have some setting to allow me to view jmx-console from my desk) but that GUI installer did not go in that direction.

      6) Lots of Googling for terms like "remote access of jmx-console" that went on and on...but no basic instructions for something that seems so simple and much needed. Lots of dead-ends.

      Weblogic (from what I've been told) allows for people like me to work from my desk instead of at the console. Does JBoss allow for working at your desk?

      P.S. I'm new at JBoss/RedHat. I come from a home version orientation where I use UBuntu.