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    port 8080 *only* works on the same machine

    byron nevins Newbie

      I'm a brand-new user. I installed 4.2.1-GA on Win XP

      I can access the main page at http://localhost:8080
      I can NOT access it from any other computer on the internet.

      I also have a GlassFish installation.

      I can access GF at port 80 from any computer on the internet

      I stopped JBoss and then I changed GF to use port 8080
      I can access GF at port 8080 from any computer on the internet.

      This proves I don't have any firewall issues (the firewall is OFF, the computer is currently wide-open on the Internet).

      I installed JBoss on another computer -- and I can access it on port 8080 from a different computer on the same subnet.

      Do I have to configure something to make it JBoss accessible outside of the subnet?