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    JBOSS Upgrade

    Tamilmanam Sambasivam Newbie


      We are doing upgrade from JBoss 4.0.1sp1 + java 1.4 to JBoss 4.0.4 GA + java 1.5. In one of our xml file we have used the below nodes and elements.
      <xs:enumeration value="Hispanic Age of Head <25"/>

      The above code snippet works fine in JBoss 4.0.1sp1 + java 1.4. But it throws the following exception in JBoss 4.0.4 GA + java 1.5

      java.io.IOException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException:
      The value of attribute value associated with an element type enumeration must not contain the '<' character.

      Can any one of you help us?