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    Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) Server Instance Problem

    gigsvoo Newbie

      Hi there,

      The problem like this, I am using Europa 3.3.0 on Windows Vista. Everything is fine except the following:

      I created a Server Runtime of JBoss 4.2.1 under Windows > Preferences > Server > Intalled Runtime with the correct configurations.

      Now I deploy a EAR project with a sub WAR project into JBoss by right click on EAR project, select Run on Server and create a server to be deployed. Everything works fine, I can start and stop server without problems.

      Now I exited Europa and start Europa again, my server created earlier broken. When I open Server view, I only see the EAR instance under the server but the WAR under the EAR gone. When I tried to start or do a clean of the server, Europa complains my EAR project is either closed or deleted BUT in real it doesn't.

      Any help?

      Thanks and urgently hope answers.