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    EAR structure: jndi.properties and logging

    Flavio Pompermaier Newbie

      Hi to all!
      I would like to know how to package correctly a Java EE (EJB3) application. My EAR has 3 archives inside:

      - WAR module (warmodule.war)
      - EJB-JAR module (ejbmodule.jar)
      - SWING application client module (swing-client.jar)

      All of them perform logging and use a ServiceLocator to perform lookup of objects via JNDI. Since I deploy all of them as a unique package I would like to know how to construct the EAR archive correctly.

      Two fundamental questions:
      1) Where to put jndi.properties and log4j.properties? Am I able to put just one copy of them in the EAR archive and see them from other archives or do I need to put them in each package? At the moment it works just putting them in the swing-client.jar but I don't know why..(however I can't see any logging from the server side...is it really needed to change also jboss-log4j.xml in the Jboss server/conf directory?)
      2) When I get the logger, do I need to import org.jboss.logging.Logger
      or org.apache.log4j.Logger?? Which are the differences?

      Any help is appreciated!! Thanks