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    Data Source Hot Deployment Behavior

    Hong Wang Newbie


      In one application we have in production, multiple data sources are specified in one *-ds.xml file. Apparently we have to make changes from time to time. In this particular case, we need to add one data source. In our test run, all the data sources in the file will go through unbinding and binding after the new data source is added. What happens to those active connection pools or connections during this hot deployment? For example, Data source A that's already in the *-ds.xml has one connection pool. Would the connections be destroyed? I assume (or hope) not. What if an incoming request needs one additional connection from this pool? Will it wait until the data source gets refreshed? I'm afraid I may not get this type of details from the log although I have not tried log level lower than debug. So your previous experience or knowledge will be appreciated.