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    Log4j keeps on logging on STDOUT

    Stefan Lecho Newbie


      Our application is based on the Spring framework and deployed in JBoss v4.0.2-GA. The logging aspects of the application are configured with an application-specific log4j.xml. This file is initialized with the Log4JConfigurer Spring bean and contains an ERROR level for the org.hibernate category.

      The JBoss log4j.xml file defined in server/default/conf contains by default a CONSOLE appender. I have removed this appender and all usages of it. This file contains no org.hibernate category.

      Although the level for the org.hibernate category is defined as ERROR, I remark that there are Hibernate logs on STDOUT:

      2007-11-30 10:23:54,237 INFO [JMS SessionPool Worker-1] [STDOUT:152] Hibernate: select officeimpl0_.id as id18_, officeimpl0_.officeNr as officeNr18_, officeimpl0_.timestamp as timestamp18_ from T_Office officeimpl0_ where officeimpl0_.officeNr=?

      I have no idea how these Hibernate loggings are injected trough STDOUT into the application-specific log file. Is there an explanation for this - from my point of view - rather strange behavior ?

      Regards, Stefan Lecho.