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    jboss products integration?

    nitzan tomer Newbie


      we're currently configuring a new server and we want to be able to use the following:

      - j2ee (servlets, ejbs)
      - hibernate
      - php (for the view part)

      the server is running with windows xp os (its just a development server).

      we want to use the JBoss AS 4.2.2 and after a few days of reading, downloading, installing and configurating i came up with the following questions:
      (1) do we need to have the JBoss Web as well? is it enough to use the JBoss Native 2.0.1 ? (in order to run php scripts)

      (2) what will be the best way to use the jboss as a windows service: the java wrapper or the service.bat which comes with the jboss native?

      (3) is it possible to use java objects from with in the php scripts? i know that the php/java bridge works good, but i never tested it in this kind of environment before.. is there another (better?) way to do so?

      thanks a lot,