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    JBoss shuts down itself

    slawek s Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am experiencing a problem with JBoss. I've noticed that after two hours of inactivity JBoss shuts down itself (happened more than once).
      There are no error nor warn messages before shutdown starts.

      Server.log snippet :

      2007-12-11 17:47:28.873 INFO Initializing, config='org.apache.struts.taglib.html.LocalStrings', returnNull=true
      2007-12-11 17:47:28.890 INFO Initializing, config='net.sf.navigator.displayer.DisplayerStrings', returnNull=true
      2007-12-11 19:47:30.500 INFO [JBoss Shutdown Hook] Stopping Service: ProcessManager
      2007-12-11 19:47:30.500 INFO [JBoss Shutdown Hook] ProcessManager closing queue receiver
      2007-12-11 19:47:30.503 INFO [JBoss Shutdown Hook] ProcessManager closed queue receiver
      2007-12-11 19:47:30.510 INFO [JBoss Shutdown Hook] Stopped Service: ProcessManager

      Jboss version 3.2.5
      Operating System :Solaris 9