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    8 steps for setting up multiple instances jboss 4.2.1

    Peter McCann Newbie

      This isn't a question but I spent more time then was probably necessary figuring this out, I thought the information should be available to others.

      8 steps for setting up multiple instances on jboss 4.2.1

      1) cd <install_dir>/server/default
      2) copy default to mynode1
      Linux: find . -print | cpio -pdumv ../mynode01

      3) cd <install_dir>/server
      4) cp <iinstall_dir>/docs/examples/binding-manager/sample-bindings.xml <install_dir>/server/port-bindings.xml
      5) cd mynode1
      6) edit jboss-service.xml
      - Search for Service Binding
      - uncomment the mbean element directly below Service Binding and above Class Loading
      - change location of StoreURL to
      -save changes and quit
      7) cd <install_dir>/bin
      run.sh -c mynode1
      or run.sh -c mynode1 -b

      8) verify by opening a browser and browse to http://yourip:8180