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    Hot swap/deploy with 5.0

    J B Novice

      Hi Folks,
      Im currently setting up my development environment and would like to be able to do a hot swap during development. I have read the articles here

      This tells you how to go about it but i have one small problem. In the above steps it tells you to update your URLDeploymentScanner in the jboss-service.xml but in 5.0Beta2 there is no more an entry for the URLDeploymentScanner.

      i dont want to have to re-war/re-ear every time i make a change in development so i have tried to get hot swap to work for me.

      So what i have is as follows, i have an exploded ear and war(inside ear) and I have set eclipse to output classes into the exploded directories, now when i make a change i run an ant script that touches the appropriate xml file whether it be application.xml or web.xml. The problem is that JBoss doesnt respond at all. How can or do i get hot swap to work with 5.0 version??