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    Multiple JBoss installations, first one is ok second one can

    Raymond Brandon Newbie


      I have a situation where a server (Linux) is configured with multiple Jboss 4.0.5GA installations (note: not instances within a single installation). All installations only have the "default" server and all servers are running successfully without port conflicts.

      We have deployed an application in the first installation that uses it's own MySQL database. As a result we have placed the JDBC driver in the server/default/lib folder of that installation and the application works correctly.

      When deploying a different application in the second JBoss installation which also uses it's own MySQL database, and after placing the same JDBC driver in the server/default/lib folder of that second installation, the application fails when it tries to find the "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" class and throws a ClassNotFoundException.

      After undeploying the second application and deploying a copy of the first application in the second installation of JBoss, the same problem occurs. Because of this my conclusion is that this problem is not caused by the application itself.

      I compared the boot.log of both installations and both seem to use their own paths. I have no clue why this ClassNotFoundException occurs, can anybody help?