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    Trouble with images outside of JBOSS_HOME...

    Robert Holloway Newbie

      I have 2 different physical servers, one is development, one is QA.

      The DEV server application is in /apps/jboss/server/
      The DEV images are in /usr2/dev/web//images1

      The DEV server works fine.

      The QA server application is in /apps/jboss/server/
      The QA server images are in /usr2/qa/web//images1

      The QA server won't serve images at all-- even if directly called by URL. I get the following error...

      HTTP Status 404 - /images1/nav/button_regular_go.jpg
      type Status report
      message /images1/nav/button_regular_go.jpg
      description The requested resource (/images1/nav/button_regular_go.jpg) is not available.

      DocumentRoot is set to /usr2/qa/web/ (in mod_jk.conf)
      Permissions on the files are correct.
      My VirtualHost blocks in mod_jk.conf on both servers are identical.
      If I use rewrite rules to have the QA server pull images from the DEV server, it works fine. :(

      Both are JBoss 4.2.0 servers. I have been working on this for a long time and I'm kinda at wit's end.

      Can anyone give me a pointer on where else I should take a look?

      Thanks in advance for all the hard work of the moderators and those that answer our questions day to day!