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    jboss-hibernate.deployer for hibernate V3.1.3 not found

    Gaurav Sharma Newbie

      Hi all,

      I need to deploy my HAR file using Jboss-hibernate.deployer. Hibernate version which I m using is 3.1.3 while jboss hibernate deployer available on Jboss website is for hibernate version 3.0.2. Older version is not able to read all the tags of hbm files. So I need jboss-hibernate.deployer compatible with hibernate 3.1.3.

      Can anyone tell from where I can get jboss-hibernate.deployer compatible with 3.1.3 or what changes need to be done in jboss-hibernate.deployer 3.0.2 so that it works well with hibernate mapping files of version 3.1.3.

      JBoss version I m using is jboss V4.0.4......

      Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.