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    I got a new Verisign certificate and now my SSL connector do

    Thunder Williams Newbie

      My SSL connector worked fine with my older certificate, which expired in september. Now I have a newer Verisign certificate and now my SSL connector doesnt load up any more. If i put the old keystore back, it works.

      i can figure this out myself if someone can tell me how to enable debugging this connector? is there a way I can get more information from JBoss during bootstrap so it can tell me why it failed to load the connector?

      Here is what I did:
      1. i used Keytool to delete the old cert from my.keystore
      2. i imported the new .cer file from the Verisgn email into the empty my.keystore
      3. i restarted JBoss
      4. i imported the cert into my webbrowser as a personal cert ( to see if its valid) and it looks fine

      HELP. how does a person debug a SSL connector?