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    alternate server path

    Rick Otten Newbie

      I do not have write permissions to the "server" directory under jboss_home. How can I get run -c to find my server deployment if it is somewhere else? I've tried everything I think is obvious, but JBoss keeps looking in jboss_home/server for it.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          JBossAS supports a variety of system properties that define the locations of the server directories. Unfortunately, you cannot simply change the location of "server" and have the other locations automatically adjusted - instead you need change *every* server directory related system property. Here are the properties, and their defaults:

          jboss.server.base.dir = $JBOSS_HOME/server
          jboss.server.base.url = file:/$JBOSS_HOME/server
          jboss.server.home.dir = $JBOSS_HOME/xxx (where 'xxx' is the config name, such as 'default' or 'all')
          jboss.server.home.url = file:/$JBOSS_HOME/xxx
          jboss.server.log.dir = $JBOSS_HOME/xxx/log
          jboss.server.temp.dir = $JBOSS_HOME/xxx/tmp
          jboss.server.data.dir= $JBOSS_HOME/xxx/data
          jboss.server.config.url = file:/$JBOSS_HOME/xxx/conf
          jboss.server.lib.dir= $JBOSS_HOME/xxx/lib

          Set these by providing them a JVM command line options. For example, modify run.conf (Unix, Linux) or run.bat (Windows), changing the setting of JAVA_OPTS as follows:

          JAVA_OPTS = ... -Djboss.server.temp.dir=/home/me/jboss/server/tmp

          There is, however, and alternative. Either grant yourself write access to the server dir, or install JBossAS somewhere where you do have write access.