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    Modifying source to return empty string instead of

    Michael Martinek Newbie


      We've recently run into an issue with JBoss 4.2.1 GA which bundles Tomcat. In the past, we've modified the Tomcat source to return an empty string instead of a string containing "null".

      Now that JBoss 4.2.x bundles Tomcat, we're having a little issue with finding the files to modify so that we can use this upgraded version with our new projects. The business logic requires that the resulting values yield an empty string rather than providing one of "null", as null is utilized in the backing databases.

      If anyone has any ideas on where to look at modifying the source, I'd love to hear it. I've downloaded the 4.2.1 GA source tree, but see no mention or configuration options would yield the result we're looking for.

      Michael Martinek