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    Minimum configuration to deploy a GWT application.

    flower fan Newbie

      Hello JBoss group,

      i am new to jboss and since the configuration guide is more than 750 pages long, i thought i'd better ask you for a quick answer.
      I would like to make a minimum jboss configuration to which i am able to deploy a GWT application (as a war file).
      The application uses/contains the following components:
      A Servlet and a corresponding html page.
      The servlet uses jndi, log4j, jdbc and mysql.
      The jmx console is verry useful, so i'd like to have it running to.
      Now the question is, what components/files does this configuration require?
      Please let me know and thanks for your assistance!

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Looks like you do not need web services or jms. You could use the 'default' configuration from the binary zip file and

          * remove the server/default/deploy/jms directory
          * remove the server/default/deploy/jbossws.sar directory

          Because the web console if fairly useless, you can also remove server/default/deploy/management

          Caveat: it has been a while since I have done this kind of stripping down of the default configuration so there might be a few gotchas that I do not remember.

          IF you are using the installer jar file, select the default configuration and on the list of service remove the ones you do not want. If you do not know what a particular service does, keep it. (Yes I know this suggestion is more vague but I almost never use the installer jar file.)