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    Add directory to server classpath?

    Thomas Baker Newbie

      I work at a company that is starting to use JBoss in addition to Websphere. Under Websphere, the company distributes a 'core' set of utility jars and some common configuration files (xml and properties files) on all Websphere servers as a 'shared library' that gets added to the server classpath. All the jars are placed in one or two directories on each server, and then Webpshere allows those directories to be added to the classpath (it is not necessary to add each individual file to the classpath which in this case would be time consuming and require a decent amount of maintenance with each release of the 'core' utilities).

      Is there a way to do a similar thing with JBoss? I saw that in jboss-service.xml, you can add a directory to the classpath and specify that all the archives in that directory should be included (code snippet below) but this doesn't load the properties and xml files to the server classpath.

      <classpath codebase="file:/path/to/core/lib/dir" archives="*"/>

      Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.