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    Setting up JBoss (JBossWeb) to listen to different ports for

    zzzz8 Newbie

      I am running JBoss AS 4.2.2 GA w/ JBoss Native 2.0.1. My web app should be secure - i.e. accessed via HTTPS on port 443. That's easy enough to change in my server.xml file - which I've already done by having a Connector listen on port 80 and does a redirect to port 443.

      However, I would also like to run JBoss JMX console and JBoss Web console for internal use, yet have it unavailable to be accessed from the outside world. Thus, it would be only accessible via localhost - perhaps running on a different port like 8080. How would I be able to do this in server.xml? How can I add Context elements that would be segregated this way? Would I have to create two Service elements to do this type of configuration?

      Another possible configuration is to have the webapp listening on ports 80/443 while the JBoss Web console and JMX console are listening on port 8080. I would block outside access to port 8080 using a firewall.

      Thanks in advance.