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    jboss and i5series Ibm

    Claudio Iovino Newbie

      hello everybody,

      We are a newbie on Jboss product and we are evaluating the possibility to develop a web site on iSeries system so we have some questions:

      Is jboss platform supported on Ibm i5 series and which are the requirements ?

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          Stefan Lausemann Newbie

          Hello Claudio,


          i know, it is a long time to go how you create this discussions. I have the same questions yet.

          We want to install JBoss EAP on IBM i OS Release V7R1. I don´t found informations about support for this Systemplattform, or informations if JBoss works on IBM i fine.


          Have you experience for JBoss EAP von IBM i? Or is it better to install JBoss on Linux/VM?


          I hope you have a rely for me.


          Thank you and best greatings


          Stefan Lausemann

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            James Perkins Master

            I don't have an IBM i to test on, but I would think it would work from QShell or PASE. If you have a dev box or partition you could download EAP 6.1.0 and just give it a test. I know it works on the J9 JVM which should be the default in 7.1 IIRC.



            James R. Perkins